Everything You Should Have Learnt On Your PT Course

Since 2013, PT Toolbox has been helping personal trainers just like you improve their knowledge, get more clients, make more money and grow the businesses they deserve.

I have years and years of experience as an active personal trainer and I've distilled this knowledge into online courses, resources, webinars and templates that you can use to fast track your way to success as a personal trainer.

If you’re ready, you can work with us in one of three ways…

Option 1 - The LaunchPad Membership

Perfect for brand new personal trainers who want to absolutely crush their first year as a personal trainer! The LaunchPad Membership will teach you everything you need to know from setting up your personal training business, signing up your first ten clients and getting your finances in order and everything in between!

Not only will you get access to all of our courses but you’ll also get a weekly live Q&A, a fortnightly webinar and support from Josh.

Option 2 - The Level Up Membership

Designed for personal trainers who already have an established business and are looking to expand, scale, automate or diversify their business

Ideal if you want more support and guidance running your business, the Level Up Membership will give you access to all of our online courses, all of our white label documents and weekly coaching, support and check ins with Josh.

Option 3 - 1-1 Mentoring

The ultimate option when it comes to growing your business, 1-1 Mentoring with Josh will ensure that you have the support and guidance you need to blast through any plateaus you’re facing by utilising 1-1 coaching on a weekly basis.

What Do Our Members Say?

Carrie Bortier - Mindset Bootcamp

Josh has helped me no end with my business and he is the nicest guy not arogant or full of shit! Selling you the dream taking your money then delivering fuck all! He’s genuine, honest and really takes an interest in helping you he wants you to succeed and he’s also really good a value for money. I have taken my business from 4 sessions per week to 5 sessions just today and my own proper studio now 💜

Dan Shulton

Highly recommend! Josh has been a huge help to me building my business since I started as a PT. If I’ve needed advice or was uncertain of anything he’s always been there to help and usually has an answer to everything as he has so much experience in the fitness industry and has been through these situations himself. The content I have now at my disposal since being a member on PT Toolbox has also been a huge asset to me. 💪

Nikos Sariyiannis

Highly recommend Josh Mullin and his services! A wealth of experience and always happy to assist in any way, plus he’s a really nice top man, you really can’t go wrong. Any fitness related advice give him a shout and PT toolbox is a great tool for all PT’s with so much info at your disposal 💪🏽💙😃

Matt Ford - Archon Combine

Do yourself a massive favour. Book a call with Josh. If nothing else you’ll have a great conversation and learn a lot about yourself. Alternatively, you’ll find someone who knows about how to create, and most importantly sustain a successful business in fitness. I’m a believer that when you need something, go to someone better than you to see how you can achieve it. So pick up the phone, book a Zoom or whatever with Josh, I have no doubt you’ll not regret it.

Rachel Thomson

There are few genuine ‘influencers’ that I see in our industry that would literally gift you hours of their time purely because they just wanna help few who honestly care so much that they live & breathe everything they do to help PTs succeed, hardly any who do it consistently and repeatedly for years & years & years Josh Mullin is in the top 3 IMO

Iain Pritchard

Josh is a great guy down to earth and gets straight to the points that needs to be address. If you have a question or need some direction give him a call as it won’t be a wasted. Some brilliant value with be had without all the BS! 👍🏻

Wayne Large

Josh is a genuine guy, really has a passion to help. If you are on the fence drop him a message have a chat you will soon see he has this industries best interest at heart.

Ben David

PT Toolbox has added all of the pieces of the puzzle that my PT course was missing and connecting with other fit pros and building relationships has been invaluable.

Sophie Mulligan

Setting up a PT business in a global pandemic was never going to be easy, but I’m still here and I still have regular clients! The support from Josh has been fantastic - even when I’m having an absolute crisis.

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